Navigating the best and cheapest NFTs to buy can be so tricky. 

This is because there are a lot of them out there. And as with any financial investment, knowing which NFTs to invest in can be challenging.

To save you from financial loss, we have taken the time to filter out the most profitable NFTs to invest in as a beginner or experienced person.

Here is the core question this article wishes to answer:

What are some of the best and cheapest NFTs to invest in right now?

Below are some of the cheapest and most profitable NFTs to buy in 2022, especially as a beginner:

   1. Silks

Silks RaceHorses

Silks, a play-to-earn(P2E) NFT collection, is a digital asset replicating real-world horse racing. And just like in the real world, collectors of these NFTs experience the ups and downs of typical horse racing.

Interestingly, holders of this NFT earn in the following ways:

  • They earn when the real-world replica of their Silks’ NFT collection produces offspring.

  • They experience a surge in earnings when the real-world replica of their Silks’ NFT collection(horse) wins an actual race.

Hence, the entire idea of the Silks’ metaverse game is to own NFTs of the fastest, most healthy, and most productive real-world racehorses. This way, you are more likely to earn much more from your NFT investment.

Aside from the Silks Horses, the Silks Ecosystem contains a few other important NFTs:

  •  Silks Avatars: This particular NFT provides users access to the entire Silks Metaverse. It’s a must-have for all Silks NFT holders, as these avatars offer a unique identity to each racehorse owner.

  • Silks Land: This particular NFT collection simulates real-life acres of land where horse owners can erect stables and steads for their racehorses.

  • Silks Stables: This particular NFT collection is the real deal. It provides users access to a platform where one can bet on her NFT horses for a race and earn more rewards in return.

The silks metaverse is a must-have for every horse racing fan. Visit the Silks metaverse’s website for more information.

     2. Lucky Block NFTs

Compelling LuckyBlock NFT

The Lucky Block NFTs is one of the cheapest NFTs to buy in 2022. It is a relatively new NFT collection, which basically simulates video files (.mp4 format)

Willing to invest in one of the cheapest NFTs out there? Check Lucky Block out. You can learn about the NFT collection on the new NFT marketplace, NFT Launchpad, and join the NFT’s official telegram forum for more inquiries.

   3. Tamadoge

Cheap and Attractive Tamadoge NFT

The Tamadoge is a Play2Earn NFT project similar to the Silks’ NFT collection. It’s one of the best and cheapest utility NFTs you can find out there. 

Utility NFTs are a different class of NFTs built to provide certain benefits ad perks, such as passive income and tickets, to their holders.

The idea behind the Tamadoge NFT token is to raise your Tamdoge pets (your NFT collection) as a mother would raise her newly born. 

After feeding and breeding your Tamadoge pets to a certain level, you can utilize them for battles in the Tamadoge battling arena (Tamaverse) to earn Dogepoints.

Tamadoge pets are minted as NFT collections in an in-game NFT marketplace, The Tamadoge Store, through the smart contract functionality. And the currency used for their purchase is a native crypto coin common to the Tamadoge ecosystem—the Tamadoge token(TAMA).

Sounds interesting? Visit Tamadoge’s website for more information.

Potential holders of this NFT can also stay updated on the coin’s latest listings by joining Tamadoge’s Telegram channel.

   4. Real Estate Investment Club

Cheap, Attractive and Profitable REIC NFT

Like many other NFTs mentioned above, the Real Estate Investment Club simulates a real-life experience. But in this case, it’s the Real Estate landscape.

The fact is, the best NFTs seem to be linked to an actual real-life establishment.

This particular NFT, REIC NFT, focuses on real estate education and investment.

And just like a typical REIC, the main idea behind the REIC NFT is to provide its owners with a proper understanding of the Real Estate business.

There are several perks to be gained from REIC NFTs. A few of the benefits are:

  • Access to the REIC – Metacity

REIC – Metacity is a high-definition metaverse platform where owners of REIC NFTs meet and network with fellow REIC NFT investors.

This way, newbies in the real estate niche can get to rub minds with well-experienced real estate investors.

  • REI NFT airdrops

This is more of a giveaway session in which several REIC NFT holders can take part to win awesome prizes.

  • Real Estate Webinars/Seminars

During these events, REIC NFT holders learn from experienced Real Estate investors who share their struggles and difficulties over the years.

  • Vacations in the big cities of the world

I guess this is well-explanatory. You can enjoy vacations in premium locations courtesy of REIC NFT.

  • Actual Real Estate investment

You are also liable to own Real Estate as plots of lands, houses, homes and many more courtesy of your REIC NFT holdings.

  • Luxury goods, such as watches and cars

REIC NFT merely bridges the gap between Real Estate Investment and Blockchain. And all we can do is watch how it unfolds. The fact is, REIC NFT is the first NFT to connect both Real Estate investments and Blockchain.

Join their Discord Server to learn more about the blockchain-based real estate NFT collection.

You can also visit REIC’s website here.

   5. Battle Infinity

A P2E, High-Potential and Cheap Utility NFT

As the name implies, Battle Infinity is a virtual sports game built on a blockchain. 

Gamers with a soft spot for investment should flock to this one as it works based on a play-to-earn structure.

The Battle Infinity metaverse ecosystem features the following:

  • A thrilling fantasy sports game
  • A built-in staking functionality
  • An online store containing multiplayer P2E games.
  • A DeFi exchange

In short, Battle Infinity simulates a real-world fantasy gaming structure with a spice of blockchain functionality (NFTs) as its revenue model.

For instance: all the in-game attributes of Battle Infinity are constructed with NFTs.

As a result, participants can easily invest in a plot of lands, buy several avatar outfits and trade players in its fantasy sports game, earning rewards in the process.

As expected, users get to earn more rewards the more they actively participate in the community.

Are you interested in learning more about this NFT collection project? Kindly join their official Telegram group or stay updated with their Twitter page.

Or, better still, visit Battle Infinity’s website for more information.

    6. Identity 20XY

A catchy virtual mask NFTs

This particular NFT is based on an interconnection between Augmented Reality and Blockchain technologies. One of the exciting attributes of this NFT project is that the application (NFT) can easily integrate your virtual mask into any digital platform accepting the use of a camera, such as TikTok, Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram, FaceTime, etc.

Basically, the core idea behind Identity 20XY’s project is to create an NFT project that helps its holders shield their actual identity while on video calls.

The fact is, the NFT project helps ensure its users’ privacy. That’s its added utility. Clearly, we can apply the Identity 20XY technology to several areas in one’s everyday life.

Users can easily wear purchased NFT masks in video calls by downloading the Identity 20XY desktop app on any mainstream operating system: Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 

Also, another attribute that sets Identity 20XY apart from others is its quick delivery. 

With Identity 20XY, you can access your virtual masks immediately after your mint is done and completed, unlike other NFTs projects.

Benefits of the Identity 20XY NFTs

  • Access to several NFT masks.

  • Access to virtual exclusive events, etc

Visit Identity 20XY today for more information.

   7. FaceTransPlant

Cheap and Profitable FaceTransPlants NFT

FaceTransPlants, popularly known as FTP, is the first Profile Picture(PFP) project in the NFT landscape. It comprises about 10,000 varieties of ludicrously fun human faces embedded into the Ethereum blockchain.

A typical example is a laughable PFP of the rap legend Snoop Dogg smoking a blunt, wearing a chain, and wearing a headband with the tag “Snoop Dogg” 

The main idea behind the NFT project is to bring together a community of people who appreciate art in its entirety.

An anonymous artist known as SCALE, whose identity is unknown for the time being, brought this particular NFT collection to life.

SCALE’s inspiration comes from self-destruction and its exposure through clear visuals and laughable images. Snoop Dogg’s PFP is a case in point.

Sounds interesting?

Follow their Twitter community here for more information. 

Additional NFTs To Buy Right Now In 2022

You can check out the following cheap or profitable NFTs to buy in 2022:

1. Decentraland

2. Invisible Friends

3. Stepn App NFTs

How To Choose What NFTs to Buy?

It would be best to consider a few factors when choosing the best NFTS to buy, whether as a beginner or an experienced person. A few of them are:

  • The NFT Collection’s Creator. 

Generally, NFTs with a famous or popular creator perform better than others. Typical examples of popular NFTs creators are Lionel Messi, Snoop Dogg, Jack Dorsey( the Co-Founder of Twitter) and many others.

  • The Price of the NFT: 

Sometimes, the market often lists the best NFTs at a reasonable price. There have been instances where NFTs previously listed at $1 reached millions in market valuations. 

Hence, consider high-potential NFTs with low prices. Even if things don’t go your way later, you only risk losing a few bucks. But if it goes your way, you could become a millionaire overnight. 

  • Added Functionalities:

Often, the most profitable NFTs offer more incentives than the art itself. And we have listed a few of them above. Examples are Silks, Tamadoge, REIC, Identity 20XY, etc.

Some added features or incentives offered by these NFTs are tickets to exclusive events, vacations, airdrops, etc. NFTs of this nature are more worthwhile and stand the test of time.

  • Famous Investors (Celebrities):

As more celebrities continue to flock to the growing NFT community, it might be a good strategy to buy NFTs heavily promoted by celebrities. 

Celebrities are more likely to draw the much-needed attention to their NFTs investments, and It might be a great idea to leverage that.

After all, we are all in the business of making money.


Clearly, I’ve explicitly outlined the most profitable and cheapest NFTs you can invest in right now in 2022. 

But that is not enough in itself. Remember, talk is cheap. 

The point is, you still have your role to play. Pick your pens or pencils, list the few NFTs you can invest in, and do the needful. God’s speed.

I’m rooting for you as always.

Love, Daniel